Dear members of the European Parliament,
In Romania, the justice system is under siege.

The majority in Parliament, led by a convicted felon, is destroying the rule of law and the democratic standards, piece by piece.

They are doing it while ignoring huge street protests, Romania’s magistrates, the opposition parties, the civil society and basic human decency.


So please ask yourself: am I doing enough to stop this?


If you’re a Social Democrat, did you know that the Romanian Socialist Party is the biggest enemy of the anti-corruption progress in Romania? Don’t be a part of that, please.

If you’re a Liberal Democrat, did you know that the Romanian ALDE is the major partner in the assault against the independence of the judiciary? Don’t stand with them, please.

If you’re a Christian Democrat, did you know that the Romanian UDMR (The Hungarian Democratic Union) is silently supporting this assault? Don’t be silent, please.

If you’re part of any of the other groups, did you know that the European Commission already voiced concerns about what’s happening in Romania? Push them to do more, please.

Yes, Romania is one of the most corrupt countries in Europe, but we’re making great progress in the fight against it.

Since 2013 and up until now, the prosecutors have sent to trial 68 high officials: 1 Prime Minister, 2 Deputy Prime Ministers, 11 ministers and former ministers, 39 Deputies, 14 Senators, 1 member of the European Parliament. Of course they’re fighting back.

Don’t help them, please.