Dear Commissioners,

In Romania the justice system is under siege.

You already know what Romanian politicians are saying about it when coming to Bruxelles.

However, here is what some of them are saying about it when at home:

Liviu Dragnea, leader of the Romanian SDP, on corruption: “It’s bullshit.”
(source: local article / audio recording )

Calin Popescu Tariceanu, leader of ALDE, on the independence of the judiciary: “It says nothing in the Constitution about the independence of the prosecutors.
(source: local article)

Codrin Stefanescu, deputy general secretary of the Romanian SDP, on why the Dancila government contains ministers accused of corruption: “Because we can.
(source: local article)

Viorica Dancila, prime minister, on why she’s not dismissing one of her advisers convicted for corruption: “I never abandoned a member of my team.
(source: local article)

Paul Stanescu, deputy prime minister, on public servants accused of corruption: “They shouldn’t be fired.
(source: local article)

Serban Nicolae, Romanian SDP senator, on Jean Claude Juncker’s warnings about the new justice laws: “inebriated and ridiculous statements.
(source: local article)


Please don’t stop pushing them to respect the rule of law.
They won’t do it by themselves.